a community statement

    We, the Yarnangu tjitji (children), kungka (young women) and young wati know that education and training is important for us. We know it is important to go to school so we can be and act ninti (clever) in many ways. We want to learn English so we have the knowledge to Talk Up and keep learning. We want to do maths and learn about technology and the world outside our community. We want to become strong and responsible people who can earn money and help our communities in the future. We want to build, show and receive, respect.

    "Education is number one and if you are not educated you can’t live out of your world to interact with Europeans or in any other language."
    Bernard Newberry

    "Education is the only thing that will allow you to do whatever you want."
    Daisy Ward

    Yarnangu parents, carers and community members want our children to learn

    We want to see our tjitji go to school every day and become ninti. We want our tjitji to be the future leaders of our communities and keep the importance of Our Language, Our Culture, Our Kinship system, Our Land and Our Identity.

    We want to see our tjitji ninti both in the Yarnangu way and in the walypala way.

    We want our children to be given the opportunities to have the best education and training in our own communities as well as support and opportunities to further their education and training aspirations outside of our homelands.

    We want to see our young women and men working and running their own communities in the future.

    Our young people need to take a lead in running the community office, working at the health clinic, working with the Land Council, working at the school and setting up their own businesses so that future tjitji are ninti in both the Yarnangu way and walypala ways.

    We need to support our tjitji and our schools

    We need to be strong in supporting and guiding our tjitji in the right way and supporting the schools in our communities. We know the schools are safe, caring, loving and healthy places for our tjitji to learn.

    Our tjitji need to be ready for school

    We need to help our tjitji go to school every day at the right time and be healthy and ready to learn. We can help them get enough sleep and good food so they are happy, healthy and ninti.

    Our vision for life long learning

    The Yarnangu people of the Lands want the communities and schools to work together. To have the same vision for our children. A vision and pathway that is one of life long learning and supported throughout the years