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    We are looking for teachers to join us. It is common for teachers to find the transition from a mainstream classroom to a Lands classroom quite challenging. The transition will be easier for teachers who are:


    • Competent classroom practitioners, prepared to learn and adapt;
    • Collaborative team members able to give and take;
    • Comfortable in a cross-cultural environment;
    • Keen to learn about Ngaanyatjarra language and culture; and
    • Resilient, have initiative and a strong sense of purpose.

    Employment Conditions

    Teacher Registration

    Please note, registration with the Teacher Registration Board of WA (TRBWA), as well as a Police Clearance and a Working With Children Check (WWCC) are legal requirements for teaching in West Australian schools.

    If you do not have these clearances and would like advice on what you need to do, you are welcome to contact us.

    Teacher housing

    Teachers are accommodated in Government Regional Officer Housing (GROH). The housing is rent-free, fully air-conditioned and close to the campus. There are no charges for electricity or water.

    Special allowances

    Teachers receive a Remote Teaching Service allowance, a locality allowance and during 2024 the Attraction and Retention Incentive. After three years a teacher can access 10 weeks' paid leave and after four years 22 weeks' paid leave.

    Current details about allowances and incentives can be found on the Department of Education website. Search 'remote teaching service'.

    Frequently asked questions

    If you have never been to the Central Desert you will most likely have lots of questions. We have attempted to answer some of them below:
    What are the weather conditions?
    The winter months are cool; the temperature can range from 4-10 degrees in the mornings and evenings and between 16-24 degrees during the day. The weather becomes hotter in October/November. January is the hottest month. The range during the summer months is from 36-47 degrees. For more, see the BOM website.
    Is accommodation provided?
    Yes. If you are single you may be expected to share with another teacher.
    Are the houses furnished?
    Some furniture and white goods (fridge, freezer and washing machine) are provided though you should check the specific items of furniture after you have been allocated accommodation. You will need to provide a bed, bedding, cutlery and crockery.
    How do you transport your belongings?
    The Department of Education has a contract with a company that will pack and transport your furniture and belongings from your home.
    Can I buy fresh food?
    Yes, each community has a shop. Fresh fruit and vegetables are brought by truck on a fortnightly basis. Most teachers stock up after the truck arrives. As well the shops provide frozen and tinned foods.
    Can I bring alcohol?
    No. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands. The enforcement of this policy makes the Lands a much safer place than other parts of Australia where there is no prohibition.
    Should I bring my own vehicle to the Lands?
    The school has a fleet of 4WD vehicles that are used for school business. Some staff members opt to bring their own vehicle to the Lands. A 4WD vehicle is strongly recommended even though the main roads, which are unsealed, are graded regularly. Repairs are difficult to arrange so your vehicle should be roadworthy and equipped with two spare tyres and other safety equipment.
    Will I be allowed to drive a school vehicle?
    Yes, on school business, once you have completed a recognised 4WD course. The school will organise the training for you.
    Can I get medical care in the community where I live?
    Most communities have a qualified nurse. The nurse can provide medical care for emergency or one-off incidents but not for pre-existing or ongoing medical issues. You would need to bring prescription medications with you if they are required. There are no resident dentists in the Lands so you should have a dental check-up with your regular dentist before taking up an appointment.
    Can I get internet access?
    Yes, the school’s computers can provide access. If you bring your own computer for personal use you will probably need a Wi-Fi device. Teachers have internet access in their own homes.
    Can I use my mobile phone?
    Yes, most communities have mobile towers. Tjukurla, Tjirrkarli and Kiwirrkurra do not. You will require G3 access through Telstra.
    Can I get access to most TV channels?
    Yes, via the VAST satellite TV system. The government houses have a satellite dish and a satellite receiver. You will need to bring your own digital TV.

    Think this role would suit you?